22nd June 2021

Think Cybersecurity for Government 2020

Cybersecurity and the government have always been intrinsically linked. Cybersecurity threats against local and central government continue to test both resources and stamina. Now, more than ever, there is a need for vendors and government to come together to find the best way to tackle sophisticated and complex cybercrime.  The newly launched, Think Cybersecurity for Government conference program is designed to build bridges across this government-vendor ecosystem. Our events are renowned for delivering to the needs of the industry.

The conference on December 1st, in Westminster is our inaugural cybersecurity event. This session of presentations, interviews and discussions will be the most focused cybersecurity-government conference in the calendar and a MUST NOT MISS event. As with all of our events, we work closely with central government departments to ensure the hot topics of the day are covered. Our subsequent debate will open doors and switch on the lights. We aim to provide a platform for the technology that will be genuinely needed in the near future by security teams across numerous public sector departments.

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To create value, we speak directly to government cybersecurity professionals to establish their specific needs; this helps build a symbiotic relationship for the buyers and the suppliers which means we can inform cybersecurity suppliers on the service delivery and technology requirements and expectations of the government community.  We will also connect to the wider cybersecurity supplier community to ensure we deliver relevant content to develop knowledge and aid decision making.





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We have a strong history of creating engaging public sector conferences, using top government speakers, across topics such as Digital Transformation, Digital Identity, Cybersecurity and AI.


Network with and learn from the experiences of your public sector colleagues from across both local and central government departments.



All our conferences centre around strong content-led agendas with top speakers from the sector, covering all the important and ever changing issues facing public sector technology.