Ransomware: building an integrated response

15 Sep 2017
11:30 - 12:00

Ransomware: building an integrated response

It’s recently been reported that the UK has encountered nearly 15 million ransomware attacks during 2021 alone. High profile ransomware attacks have highlighted how vulnerable our critical national infrastructure is and the impact that these types of attacks can have on society, business, government services and people at large.

Ransomware is as much about manipulating vulnerabilities in human psychology than it is about our adversary’s technological sophistication. It’s a fight we need to tackle together.

More can be done in reducing the likelihood of become infected by ransomware in the first instance, in reducing the spread of the ransomware malware through any organisation and in reducing the longer-term impacts of a successful attack. But we need greater collaboration and an integrated incidence response to succeed.

It’s a challenge that crosses political, geographical and technology borders. Dealing with its increasing volume and impact needs government and the private sector to collaborate in a public/private partnership to better understand and tackle the attackers.

This panel will assess the current situation and outline ideas for what an integrated response could look like and the role that government, the private sector and people should be playing to reduce both the threat and the impact of damaging ransomware attacks.