Understanding the executive cyber challenge: setting the right tone from the top

15 Sep 2017
12:20 - 13:00

Understanding the executive cyber challenge: setting the right tone from the top

Driving transformation across government demands strong executive support. The same support is required in managing the threats that government departments and agencies face from cyber-criminals. Setting the right tone from the top – i.e., displaying effective and appropriate attitudes, beliefs and practices – is essential in establishing cultures where everyone understands the role they need to play in staying safe.

If government executives demonstrate a real commitment to protecting high-value, sensitive information and in upholding citizen trust then middle and lower ranking employees will naturally be inclined to display the same virtues.

Executives have a vital role to play in protecting their organisation. This involves communicating positive messages about how everyone can remain vigilant in the face of growing and varied attack techniques that target employees, understanding where the greatest cyber vulnerabilities lie, overseeing effective security technology investment, leading and being actively involved in incident response exercises, collaborating with all employees and the security team to manage people-centred security policies and designing and managing an integrated cyber resilience plan that balances technology, processes and people factors.

This session will illustrate what the government executive roles and responsibilities are and give practical examples of what can be done to ensure cyber security becomes an instrumental part of executive leadership and risk management.